28 - 29 AprilLaunch Academy

April Showers bring May flowers, but at Launch Academy, April brings Spring Career Day!

Meet 36 phenomenal full-stack developers familiar with TDD, Agile methodologies, and the art of collaboration. Career Day is held onsite at Launch Academy on Tuesday, April 28th and Wednesday, April 29th from 8:30AM to 12:30PM. 

Curious about who you'll meet at Career Day? Check out the Launcher portfolios on Liftoff - or contact our Talent Director, Corinne Babel, at to learn more. 

You'll want to attend Career Day if you are:

1. Looking to hire Junior Software Developers
2. Interested in starting an apprenticeship program at your company

All you need to know

Career Day Schedule:

8:30 AM - Event Begins
9:00 AM - Hiring Partner Pitches (90 seconds max)
9:45 AM - Launcher Presentations Begin
12:30 PM - Launcher Presentations End
12:30 PM and on – Follow Up Conversations and Lunch (optional)

There is no cost to attend Career Day. You’ll spend a morning meeting a great group of junior developers eager to start careers in the Boston area and we hope you’ll find a match. If that happens, we ask for a 10% fee, based on the student's first year salary, and offer a 30/60/90 day guarantee. We give students 20% of the fee back as a tuition reimbursement if they sign with one of our partners.

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For More Info Contact:

Corinne Babel
Talent Director